Nest Version 3.5 Supports Sunblock, Advanced Fan Control, Cool To Dry, Auto-Tune, and Enhanced Auto-Away

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Nest is a company that has designed a sensor-driven, WiFi-enabled, and programmable thermostat.  The company has two generations of the thermostat that is available on the market today.  Nest is compatible with most standard HVAC systems that uses central heating and cooling.  If you own a first or second generation Nest thermostat connected to WiFi, you will automatically get a software update in the next few days.  This software version is 3.5 and below is a list of some of the new features.


When a thermostat is in direct sunlight, the temperature inside of a residence or commercial building may heat up to 25ºF (14°C) higher than reality.  During the summer, this means that the air conditioner is running overtime.  The furnace may not even turn on in the winter as a result.  The Sunblock feature in Nest automatically adjusts Nest so that it reads and sets the correct temperature.  Nest is able to test the sun by using a built-in light sensor to track the sun’s patterns and temperature.  Sunblock is enabled by default in every Nest thermostat.  You can look for the little sun icon on Nest’s display and find Sunblock in the NEST SENSE section of SETTINGS.

Advanced Fan Control

Nest’s customers really like fans to keep their homes from getting stuffy in order to maintain an even temperature throughout the house.  This also helps save energy.  Using Advanced Fan Control, you can schedule the fan to run all night and turn off in the morning.  To schedule your fan, go to FAN under SETTINGS.

Cool To Dry

If you live in an area that is very humid like Florida and do not have a dehumidifier, you are likely using the air conditioner constantly.  The Cool To Dry feature lets you detect when humidity reaches unhealthy levels.  It turns on the air conditioner when needed to help keep the home dry.  This feature can be accessed in NEST SENSE under SETTINGS.

Enhanced Auto-Away

The Auto-Away feature has been updated under Nest.  Now it can be turned on as quickly as 30 minutes after you walked out the door.  Auto-Away has gotten better at understanding when you are coming home.


The Auto-Tune feature has been beefed up with Rush Hour Rewards and Seasonal Savings.  Rush Hour Rewards makes it possible to earn $20-$60 back from your energy provider this summer by using less energy while everyone else is using more.  The Seasonal Savings feature fine-tunes your schedule over several weeks to help you save energy and stay comfortable.  Nest users have been able to use 5-10% less heating and cooling.