Net Apps: iOS Is Bigger Than Android and Linux

Posted Sep 3, 2010

Net Applications has reported that Apple iOS has become the third most popular platform on the Internet in terms of marketshare. The iOS is about six times larger than Android and is even bigger than Linux according to Net Applications.

The iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad — which run on the iOS — accounts for 1.1% of all hardware on the Internet this past month. Windows has a 91.3% marketshare and Mac OS had a 5% marketshare.

?It?s something to take note of when a mobile operating system passes something that?s been around forever,? stated Net Applications VP Vince Vizzaccaro. ?Mobile?s growth curve is strong and mobile is becoming quite a phenomenon on the Internet.?

According to Net Applications, Android devices are 0.2% of the operating system market. ?Whatever the sales are, we?re seeing iOS totally dominate the market on the Web,? added Vizzaccaro. ?iOS has nearly a 6:1 advantage over Android.?