Net Neutrality Rules Approved By FCC

Posted Dec 21, 2010

The Federal Communications Commission has approved a new set of regulations that will prevent large telecommunications companies from boxing out their competition. The net neutrality rules that passed would not allow high-speed Internet companies to block access to any legal content, services, or applications.

Now there will be government regulations to keep information flowing across the Internet. Today’s vote was to determine whether government regulation was actually needed as part of a five year debate. Democrats and large tech companies like Google have been pushing for open access to the Internet. President Obama debated for net neutrality during his campaign in 2008. Republicans and telecommunication providers are against net neutrality regulations.

?As we stand here now, the freedom and openness of the Internet is unprotected. No rules on the books to protect basic Internet values,? stated FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. ?No process for monitoring Internet openness as technology and business models evolve. No recourse for innovators, consumers, or speakers harmed by improper practices. And no predictability for the Internet service providers, so that they can manage and invest in broadband networks.?