Netflix Hires Gregory K. Peters as VP of Partner Products

Posted Nov 13, 2008

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has hired Gregory K. Peters as the VP of Partner Products.  Peters will be “responsible for bringing to market a range of devices from leading consumer electronics manufacturers that are capable of instantly streaming movies and TV episodes from Netflix directly to consumers’ TVs.”

The VP of Partner Products role was created after Netflix decided to bring their services to the XBox 360.  Now Netflix wants customers to be able to stream movies to their own TVs quickly.  Netflix has partnerships with LG, Roku, Microsoft, Samsung, and TiVo.  Peters will be reporting to Netflix Chief Product Officer, Neil Hunt.

Netflix has about 12,000 movies and TV episodes in their library.

“Greg’s expertise in all aspects of the product development lifecycle ? from vision to design to implementation ? will be a significant asset to Netflix and our partners as we push toward our goal of eventually enabling all U.S. households to stream Netflix to their TVs,” stated Dr. Hunt.