Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) signs exclusive deal with Chelsea Handler

Posted Jun 19, 2014

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has announced that it has signed an exclusive deal with Chelsea Handler for an upcoming series of talk shows that features her. Netflix and Chelsea Handler are staying quiet about how the show will be formatted, but they said it will “still encompass Chelsea?s unfiltered opinions on topical entertainment and cultural issues, as well as her signature guest interviews.” Handler’s current talk show will be ending in late August and she indicated disappointment with the E! network.

“If I was going to continue working in this industry, I knew I had to do something outside the box to keep myself interested,? said Handler. ?I wanted to sit with the cool kids at lunch so I approached Netflix to make sure they were as cool as I thought they were, and when I confirmed my suspicions, like with any other future lover, I made my move. I?m more excited than I?ve been in awhile, and the team at Netflix is the most forward thinking, alert group I?ve sat down with in ages. No offense to the Shahs of Sunset.”

Handler’s talk show is expected to debut in 2016. The deal will start with a standup comedy special based on herĀ Uganda Be Killing Me tour. The special will air in October. In 2015, Netflix will develop and release 4 “docu-comedy specials,” which centers around Handler’s research strategy about issues like NASCAR, politics, Silicon Valley, and the NBA draft. She will return to the talk show format on Netflix in 2016.