Netflix Is Launching User Profiles This Summer

Posted Jun 12, 2013

When you log in to Netflix, you will notice that there are suggestions based on your tastes.  If your wife or a friend uses your account, you will notice that their recommendations will get mixed up with yours.  Soon Netflix will allow you to set multiple user profiles on a single account, according to Netflix’s VP of Product Innovation Todd Yellin.

The multiple user profile feature is being tested right now, but it is not expected to launch by the end of August.  The service will let 5 or 6 different users store their taste preferences on one account.  Netflix showcased a prototype of the feature at the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles.

The way it works is that when you enable multiple profiles, you will be shown a start screen that will show avatars for the different users of your accounts.  Clicking on the avatar will show your friend or another family member to their customized profile based on preferences and recommendations.

Netflix currently still allows just two users to stream on the same account at the same time.  The multiple profile feature is used just for separating the recommendations and for social sharing.

Netflix is also testing out a remote control feature that powers on the TV and lets you control the Netflix app through your iPhone or Android device through the WiFi connection.  Netflix is convincing TV manufacturers to integrate a technological standard that allows the technology to work on all TVs.  Netflix is hoping that the standard will be universal in 2-5 years.