Netflix Launches A Virtual Assistant Called Max

Posted Jun 28, 2013

Netflix is announcing a new virtual assistant called Max.  Max will remind you when there are new episodes of your TV show to watch.  Max is an on-screen guide that talks to you.  It will also recommend digital content for you based on your preferences.

Netflix’s senior manager for product innovation Pedro Freitjas said that he wants you to get the “max out of Netflix,” get it?  In order to use Max, there is a feature called “The Ratings Game.”  The Ratings Game is like a game show where you can rate other titles and get results in the form of a recommendation.

The Celebrity Mood Ring is a feature that lets you pick a celebrity.  It will find something that they star in.

Max is currently available on PlayStation 3 consoles.  It will be available on the iPad next week.

Above is a video demo of Max.