Netflix Signs Deal With Cinedigm

Posted Jun 25, 2013

Netflix is adding several movies and TV shows to their line of programming through a partnership with Cinedigm after they signed an 8-figure multiple year deal with Cinedigm.  The terms of the deal was undisclosed.

Cinedigm is one of the leading suppliers for movie theaters in North America.  They also run a brand called IndieDirect, which is a way for independent filmmakers to help distribute movies digitally and through theaters.

Cinedigm recently signed a distribution deal with Universal Studios Home Entertainment this past April.  Cinedigm is going to supply content to retailers like Walmart and Target.  Cinedigm released five independent films in 2012 and they are planning to increase that number to as many as 18 this year.

Some of the films that Cinedigm is known for putting together includes films like the Cirque du Soleil documentary, The WardOPA!, and Smell of Success.

Update: We implied that this deal will see an addition of 20,000 titles. Unfortunately this is not the case. Cinedigm actually has a total library of 20,000 titles and they are working with Netflix on deciding which titles to have added. We have corrected this article accordingly and apologize for the mistake.