Netflix Announces Social Feature With Facebook Integration

Posted Mar 13, 2013

Netflix announced today that they have integrated Facebook into their platform.  This way you can get suggestions from friends on what to movies and TV shows to watch.  By default, sharing will happen on Netflix and you will be able to see what titles your friends have watched in the “Watched by your friends” section and what they rated in a “Friends’ Favorites” row.

You can control what gets shared by going into the “Social Settings” console in the “Your Account” section of Netflix.  You can also turn on additional sharing to Facebook or stop sharing altogether from the console.  The feature will be added for U.S. users in the next few days.

“Sharing movies and TV with friends online is still a new experience and we will continue to experiment and improve our social features over the coming months and years,” stated Netflix director of product innovation Cameron Johnson.

Check out the video below: