Netscape Co-Founder Jim Clark, 65, Weds Australian Supermodel Kristy Hinze, 28

Posted Mar 25, 2009

“For me, failure is not an option.”
-Jim Clark

Co-founder of Netscape Jim Clark earned about $2 billion when his company had an IPO.  His son-in-law Chad Hurley made millions when he sold his company YouTube to Google.  And now Clark is officially married to Australian supermodel Kristy Hinze.  The wedding took place this past weekend.

Clark and Hinze’s wedding was a four-day event that took place on Richard Branson’s private Necker Island and the Virgin Gorda.  About 120 people attended the lavish affair and there was a no-shoe policy when riding on Clark’s yacht The Athena.  This is Clark’s fourth marriage and he turned 65 this past Monday.

Clark is the only man in history to have started three multi-billion dollar companies.  Clark is currently worth about $1.1 billion.

Hinze is the host of Project Runway in Australia.  She has been a model since age 14 and has graced the cover for Sports Illustrated.  Hinze is also a Victoria’s Secret model.

Hinze and Clark have been dating for several years now.  Clark was married to Forbes business reporter Nancy Rutter for 15 years.  Through the divorce, Rutter made about $100 million in cash, stocks, and bonds.  Rutter also received $24.6 million in property, $600,000 ownership stake in a Citation V jet, racehorses, furniture, and jewelry.  Hinze is 10 years younger than Clark’s own daughter.

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