Netvibes Co-CEO Leaves To Work Fully On Wikio

Posted Jul 4, 2007

Due to a disagreement between Tariq Krim and Pierre Chappaz about the future of Netvibes[1]and Netvibes Universe efforts, Chappaz left Netvibes (while remaining a shareholder) to work fully on Wikio[2]. Wikio is a news submission website with a voting system that is similar to Digg.

Through Wikio, users can customize the types of news they prefer to see though. How so? Users can create new tabs and then select tags or add tags that relate to the news they want to read (see screen shot below).

Does Chappaz’s departure mean bad news for Netvibes? Not likely. I think Chappaz did the right thing because whenever there are disagreements between upper management, business can only go down-hill from there. Isn’t that right, Semel?[3]

To truly advance take any web company to the next level, upper management must have similar visions. This is probably why PageFlakes (Netvibes’ competitor) appointed Dan Cohen, Yahoo!’s former Head of My Yahoo![4]

And I think Wikio has potential.  If Chappaz does to Wikio what he did for Netvibes, Kevin Rose and the Digg team should watch their back.


[3] Wired 15.02: How Yahoo Blew It
[4] GigaOM: Netvibes, now with one less CEO