Netvibes: Ginger Now In Beta & Widget Ads Inevitably On The Way

Posted Jan 23, 2008

Netvibes is opening up a new service called Ginger and it recently went in Beta mode.  Netvibes’ Ginger will become the default in the middle of February.  During the time of the transition, it appears that Netvibes’ mobile site is down too.  I tried using today, but it wasn’t working.

Netvibes has $16 million in funding, but has not set up a real revenue model yet.  But it was revealed today that Tariq Krim, founder of Netvibes is planning on setting up widget ads through micro-banners and text ads.  Netvibes Ginger will have a new interface where a pane will appear from the top to drag RSS feeds and widgets.

There are 110,000+ widgets available on Netvibes.  And Krim wants to make this technology available on other social networks as well.  But…

Interestingly, Facebook and Google both want Netvibes to be exclusive to their technologies.  Facebook as part of their Applications initiative and Google as part of OpenSocial.  Netvibes Universe will also become modifiable for all users.

I believe Netvibes is becoming the standard homepage for almost all publications and online writers.  Netvibes is the epitome of finding information as fast as possible on the Internet.  Once the new interface releases, it will be interesting to see how iGoogle and Pageflakes responds.

[Information Source: TechCrunch]