NetVibes’ Load Time Decreases

Posted May 20, 2007, the RSS aggregator company that I use as my homepage has recently found a way to decrease load time. Initially, NetVibes would load up all the RSS feed tabs at once when directing your browser to the website. Now NetVibes loads up the RSS feeds only when the tab is clicked on.

Why is this important? All of the major search engine companies now offer some form of customizing a homepage. For bloggers and publishers, finding information to publish at a fast pace is essential. This is where NetVibes comes in.

A typical daily blogger or publisher has to filter information between hundreds of RSS feed stories. Now imagine having to sort through thousands of stories. Sometimes your browser cannot handle loading all of those RSS feeds at once and may crash because the publisher thought that multitasking during loading NetVibes with other applications. Its a rare scenario but speed optimization and information transfer is becoming increasingly important.

A lot of other RSS consolidation websites should take notes from NetVibes because of its clean look, easy to add content, and now a decrease in load time. Also, the customization effect is a great feature so you can decide what colors you prefer.