Netvibes Makes Couple Million In Revenue, Leaning Towards Profitability

Posted May 30, 2009

Earlier this week, I read an interesting piece from GigaOM about my favorite homepage  I depend heavily on Netvibes so I personally hope that this company succeeds.

The company has about $16 million in funding from Index Ventures, Accel Partners, Neil Rimer, Marc Andreessen, Pierre Chappaz, and Martin Varsavsky.

Last week Netvibes unleashed a new feature that allows users to build their own custom start pages.  Netvibes is able to make money by offering white-label and corporate versions of their service.

?We are on our way to being breakeven this year,? stated Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini. ?We are focused on profitability this year.? That?s not bad, considering he is up against Google?s iGoogle platform.”  Netvibes receives about 3 million active visitors per month.

The company has made about a couple of million dollars in revenue this year.  The company plans on tripling sales by signing up several large customers.  The reason I found GigaOM’s post so interesting is because I did not know much about Netvibes’ revenue until now.  Based on these figures, if you depend on Netvibes as much as I do, you can remain confident that this service will be here in the long run.

[via GigaOM]