Nevada Legalizes Google’s Driverless Cars

Posted Jun 27, 2011

Google’s driverless cars are now legal on roads in Nevada, thanks to the passage of Assembly Bill No 511. The Daily Mail reports that the driverless Prius and driverless Audi TT will hit the streets of Nevada as soon as Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles establishes rules for automated cars. The hybrid cars use video cameras and laser range finders to navigate traffic and detailed maps to calculate routes.

Nevada currently waits on a second amendment that would allow driver seat-passengers to text while their automated cars drive. Meanwhile, the cars drive the speed limit because it’s programmed on their mapping software and can easily be switched over to driver control in the event of an emergency. The creators of Google’s automated cars hope their creations will eliminate the dangers of distracted drivers, and their researchers claim the technology might even cut the number of driving-related deaths in half.