New Algorithm Further Dethrones The Digg Mafia

Posted Jan 24, 2008

“Just wanted to give everyone some insight into some of the changes weâ??ve been making this week. As weâ??ve talked about in the past, Diggâ??s promotional algorithm ensures that the most popular content dugg by a diverse, unique group of diggers reaches the home page. Our goal is to give each person a fair chance of getting their submission promoted to the home page,” wrote Kevin Rose on Digg the Blog.

First you get the Digg credibility, then you get the Digg friends, then you get the Digg power. The Digg Mafia, also known as the top users of Digg that generates 30%-50% of Digg’s front page content, is not amused with the new algorithm. The new algorithm gives the Digg Mafia less power.

And because of this, they wrote an open letter to the Digg team as noted by ValleyWag. Besides the fact that Digg has secret editors and auto-buries, the top users feel that Digg has problems with:
1.) Lack of communication and disregard for the Digg community
2.) Unexplained and unacknowledged banning of top users
3.) Lack of transparency – Digg only shows you the stories that people have dugg, but not the ones that are buried.
4.) The auto-bury list – For months, dozens of sites have been on an auto-bury list, often with no explanation whatsoever.
5.) Repeated and flagrant disrespect of its top users

Top Digg users have demonstrated how much power they have had in the past. It will be interesting to see who responds first, Digg management or The Digg Mafia.