New Apple Retail Store App Expected To Increase Retail Store Purchases By 30%

Posted Nov 2, 2011

Additional details about the new Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) retail store app has leaked recently. The new Apple retail store app is expected to launch tomorrow. Apple expects that there will be a 30% increase in sales at retail stores from this application. Here is how it works:

If a customer orders an item that is in-stock, then they will be able to pick it up approximately 12 minutes after. The 12 minutes is made out of the 3 minutes it takes for the order to go through the system, the 2 minutes for employees to set all of the products aside on a shelf, and then a 7 minute grace period for employees to get everything else in order.

Customers would be able to walk into the Apple store, skip lines and registers, get their products, sign for them and leave.

If the Apple retail store does not have an item in-stock like a customized iMac, then the customer would be told what the pick-up date for their item would be. Once the order arrives at the Apple retail store, a push notification will be sent to the customer.