News Corp Launches Gossip Blog Daily Fill and Searches For Chernin Replacements

Posted Feb 24, 2009

Daily Fill
News Corporation (NASDAQ:NWS) has a web incubator called Slingshot Labs.  One of the results from the incubator is Daily Fill, a gossip and entertainment blog.  In January alone, DailyFill had about 1.3 million unique visitors during the beta release.  News Corp plans to use the DailyFill to compete with Time Warner’s TMZ and independent blogger Perez Hilton.  The Daily Fill is covered with Photos, News, Celebrity Gossip, and blog posts.  The DailyFill opened out of Beta a few days after Nick Denton’s Defamer blog was rolled into

Chernin’s Departure
Recently Peter Chernin, head of News Corp’s Fox film stepped down after 12 years.  This left Rupert Murdoch in a compromised position.  Especially when Slumdog Millionaire walked away with 8 Oscars this past weekend.  Slumdog was made by Fox Searchlight.  Murdoch indicated before that he was interested in his children running the company one day.  But there are many other contenders.

Below is a list of Murdoch’s direct reports:

1. CFO, David DeVoe
2. General Counsel, Lawrence Jacobs
3. Global Marketing/Corporate Affairs, Gary Ginsberg
4. Fox Film, Jim Gianopoulos and Tom Rothman
5. Fox News/Fox Business Channel/TV Stations, Roger Ailes
6. Fox Network/Entertainment Cable Networks/RSNs, Tony Vinciquerra
7. News Corp. Europe/Asia, James Murdoch
8. Myspace/FIM, Peter Levinsohn
9. News America Marketing/NY Post, Paul Carlucci
10. Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, Les Hinton
11. Harper Collins,  Brian Murray
12. News Limited, James Hartigan
13. Government Affairs, Michael Regan
14. Human Resources, Beryl Cook
15. Content, Anthea Disney

Who will fill in for Chernin, best known as being Murdoch’s number two?  Maybe we’ll see a reality show on FOX to determine the next executive.

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