Why Does The New Digg Have Almost No Emphasis On Social Voting?

Posted Aug 6, 2012

The new Digg was only made in a matter of a few weeks, which is definitely commendable.  However most people are sugar-coating what they think about it.  I am going to be direct and say that the site appears to look simply like a news website template with less emphasis on social voting that it ever has been before.

Right now if you want to submit a story, you will have to send a tweet to the @Digg Twitter account and just hope that you are one of the many “replies” that their Twitter account gets.  The other option is to use your Facebook login to submit a Digg.  So that means that the Digg community relies entirely on Facebook or Twitter and is not autonomous at all.

Personally I enjoyed having a separate Digg username from my Facebook and Twitter.  Honestly the Digg homepage right now looks I am looking at a few hand-picked links as it would appear on a service like Flipboard, FLUD, or the Pulse News reader.

In my opinion, the new Digg.com should revert back to Digg 2.0 the way Kevin Rose had it designed.  More emphasis on social voting and creating a community that is autonomous from Twitter and Facebook.  Get that going and Digg could be as intriguing as Reddit and Hacker New again.

It would also be great if Digg re-implemented the “Shouts” feature and the “Leaderboard” that showed who the top users were.  I remember how much I wanted to try and compete with users like mrbabyman, zaibatsu, and msaleem.