eBay Debuts A New Pinterest-Like Homepage

Posted Feb 19, 2013

This past September, eBay launched a service called Setify.  Setify is a tool that allowed people to track items that they already own and share collections of items that they own.  The user interface of Setify is very similar to pinboard-like social network Pinterest.  Now eBay is launching a new homepage design that resembles Pinterest.  The new homepage was tested on less than 10% of users before they officially roll it out tomorrow.

The homepage includes will include a personalized feed of products based on your interests.  Brands and trends will be displayed based on a user’s preferences.  When a user sees the new homepage, they will be asked what their interests are like whether you like golf and Oakley sunglasses.  Based on your interests, eBay will show you new items, recent searches, etc.  eBay will be curating content on the homepage of users based on 400 million listings.

?We are introducing a different type of shopping and inventing a new way to shop with product discovery,? he explains. ?We have a huge map of date around discovery and serendipity and are trying to find ways to take this data and tap into collective intelligence,? stated eBay NYC head Tom Pinckney.

eBay will showcase real-time updates on product listings and will show customers new items in their feed every time they visit the homepage.  Ever since eBay started testing the new homepage in October, customers responded positively.

The new eBay homepage feed will be added to the mobile application soon and the changes will be rolled out internationally in the near future.

[Source: TechCrunch]