New Enterprise Associates Raises $2.6 Billion For Their 14th Fund

Posted Jul 25, 2012

New Enterprise Associates is a venture capital company that is based in Silicon Valley.  NEA has raised $2.6 billion for NEA 14, their fourteenth venture capital fund.  NEA is known for putting big rounds into tech companies.  This round could be the largest in venture capital history.  The last largest round of funding was by Oak Investment Partners, which hit about $2.56 billion in their twelfth fund from back in 2006.

?From a sector perspective we will continue to be very enterprise-focused, but also very very active in the consumer internet space, where there are certainly some newer areas of excitement,? stated NEA partner Tony Florence in an interview with TechCrunch.

Florence also said that they plan to invest overseas enterprise companies.  ?We?ve been very active in India and China for over a decade, and we?re interested in investing across a lot of different geographies. Brazil is very interesting to us, other parts of Southeast Asia [beyond India] are interesting to us. There are a lot of exciting economies that are really ripe from our perspective.?