New Facebook Meme: Tag Your Friends As A Mr. Men Or Little Miss Character

Posted Feb 19, 2009

Just as the 25 things about yourself Facebook meme is wearing down, there is a new idea developing.  This involves tagging your friends as a specific personality.  I spotted this on a friend’s profile and then I used it on my own.  After I did it, I noticed that a couple of my friends did it and now it is spreading.

The characters above are the icons to a franchise called Mr. Men and Little Miss.  The author of the series was Roger Hargreaves, but he died of a stroke.  His son Adam continued the franchise after his father passed away.  Roger Hargreaves was the third best selling author in Britain by selling over 100 million books.

If you get bored, you should give it a try too.  But don’t be surprised if your friends object to the character that you tagged them as.  My friend complained when I tagged her as “The Good Little Church Girl.”