New Facebook To Roll Out For Everyone; New Feature For Applications Coming Soon

Posted Sep 7, 2008

Josh Elman, Platform Program Manager at Facebook wrote that over 30 million people have seen the new Facebook profile and many of them are using the new profile full-time. Soon everyone will be switched over to the new platform.

The Facebook development team is working on another interesting key feature that will make applications more accessible to users. Right now the current structure is that all applications are under a tab called Boxes. Applications don’t have a great amount of exposure on the home page of Facebook or on the profile pages right now.

About one week after the new layout is rolled into every user, there will be a new session key model applying to all applications.

Eric Eldon of VentureBeat reports that in Facebook’s redesign, there has been a decline in overall usage of the social network, but the consumption of information has gone up. Facebook has always been about the consumption of information, not the number of pageviews they receive. This is why the new Facebook will be rolled out to everyone soon and all of the users will simply have to adapt.