New Facebook User Interface in the Pipeline

Posted Mar 20, 2007

Here’s a few screen shots of the new proposed interface available in the Facebook group called Facebook Sneak Preview. This is what an individual’s user profile would look like with the new interface:

Here is what the present user interface looks like for an individual user’s profile [I blurred my information for security purposes]:

Here is what the new homepage would look like. The only thing that has changed is the left bar and the top bar. The News Feed on the homepage would remain:

Here is what the present homepage looks like [once again blurring information I’d like to keep private]:

And lastly, the newest proposed user interface change which I think is the best change is individual pages for networks that users belong to. Networks include schools, regions, and corporations. Here is a sample for the UCLA region:

Based on my own observation, I think this new user interface is a great change to Facebook and I definitely look forward to its implementation.