New Microsoft Ad Features Laptop Hunter Sheila

Posted May 5, 2009

Sheila is Microsoft’s new Laptop Hunter that claims that she is “a PC and an artist.” Sheila was given $2,000 to spend on a laptop. And she was looking for something to edit a movie. In this case, she bought an HP HDX 16t. She decided to go with the HP because it had a widescreen and had more than 2GB of RAM. The starting price of the HDX 16t is $999 on HP’s website.

The previous Laptop Hunters are Giampaolo and Lauren.

Part of the dialogue in the video was:
?Is this graphics card going to be powerful??

That salesman must have been very convincing with the way he said “Mmhm.” But I think the best Laptop Hunter I’ve seen so far is the parody featuring Frank the Homeless Guy.

[via Crunchgear]