New Microsoft Commercial Targets Apple iPad

Posted May 23, 2013

For the last several months, most of Microsoft’s ads were targeted at Google as part of a campaign called “Scroogled.”  This was followed up with an ad where Microsoft made fun of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy fans.  Now Microsoft is going after the Apple iPad specifically in a new commercial that promotes a Windows 8 tablet.

The new 30 second commercial shows an iPad and Windows 8 tablet side-by-side on a white background.  The commercial also features a voice that sounds just like Siri that highlights the issues that the iPad has like updating software, multi-tasking, and not supporting PowerPoint.

The commercial goes on to parody the iPad ad where the tablet is used for playing “Chopsticks.”  What’s interesting about the tablet featured in this video is that it uses the Asus VivoTab rather than a Microsoft Surface.

Check out the ad below: