New On Friendster: Music Applications and 3D Avatars

Posted Jan 22, 2008

As Friendster has recently started promoting third party applications, the company sent out an e-mail recommending music applications and 3-D avatars for their users. The music applications are powered by Qloud’s myMusic and imeem. The 3-D avatars are powered by Meez.

For Meez’s 3-D avatars, users can set the clothes, body style, and hair. After that, the avatars can be animated and embedded into any profile page. The music applications immediately ask the users which songs they would like to embed. The music applications has some preselected songs that the user can have embedded on the site or gives the option to play music that is connected to one’s music collection iTunes or Windows Media Player using a plug-in. Nifty.

I think the way that Friendster is opening up applications is much more organized than Facebook. Friendster seems to be more knit-picky about the types of applications that are added. The Facebook approach was more of a shoot first, ask questions later approach. I guess between social networks, each one seems to be learning from each other in some way. Back when Facebook first started, they were knit-picky about where the users actually came from. The exclusivity of Facebook’s initial user-base was their core competency and gave them enough time to prepare for scaling a large user-base.