New Orkut Features: Upload 1,000 Photos and Multiple Photo Upload Tool

Posted Feb 13, 2008

Abhishek Surana, Software Engineer at Orkut announced that Orkut now supports 1,000 photos for uploading into albums.  And they made uploading photos in Internet Explorer easier.  Simply click on “New! Upload multiple photos” on the Photo Albums page.  Then you will need to approve Google to install an ActiveX web application.  Click on Add Photos and select all the photos you want to upload from the Explorer window.  Then click upload and the selected photos automatically go into your selected album.

To log into Orkut, Google user IDs work.

Orkut is named after Google employee and Orkut founder, Orkut Büyükkökten.  Orkut is the most visited web site in Brazil.  Users can also add videos to their profile from Google Video and YouTube.  As of August 2007, Orkut claimed to have 67 million users and roughly 45 million communities.