New Relic saw revenue more than double in 2013

Posted Feb 7, 2014

New Relic is a rapidly growing application monitoring company. New Relic is rumored to be nearing an initial public offering. Although New Relic does not release their specific revenue numbers, GigaOM is reporting that it has more than doubled year-over-year. In fact, New Relic’s revenue grew 120% year-over-year in 2013.

Some of New Relic’s customers include Gawker, Nike, Tableau, and Runkeeper. Administrators at also tapped New Relic when things went wrong with the website. Around 88 companies developed new plugins for New Relic’s platforms to feed data into their load balancers, databases, and Amazon Web Services.

New Relic is also working on a new product called Rubicon. ?It will let you make data-driven decisions by taking all this information around your apps ? not just performance data but how the app is used, how people interact with it and do real time iteration of analytics to answer the questions you have fast. No waiting two weeks for a report,? stated New Relic COO Chris Cook in an interview with GigaOM.

We will be watching New Relic closely and will continue to report on the company on their road to their IPO and beyond.

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