New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Pokes Fun At iPhone’s Outdated Features

Posted May 4, 2013

Samsung Electronics has released a new advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GS4) that pokes fun at features on the iPhone.  The graduate, Scott, starts the “Graduation Pool Party” ad by tricking his dad into smelling his GS4.  A few other kids at the pool party ad show-off their new GS4 by answering calls as they wave at the phone and tapping them together to share photos.

As the party goes on, we see some other great GS4 features highlighted in the ad.  This includes the Drama Shot mode on the camera being used as a kid belly-flops into the pool.  Scott also showed his dad how the GS4’s IR LED (Remote Control) feature can work as a remote control for their TV.

“So some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones? What are we doing with these phones?” asked one of the older guests at the party in the ad while clutching his iPhone.  One iPhone owner tried to answer his phone by waving his hand in front of it, but that clearly does not work.  A mom at the party also asked one of the guests to share their phone by tapping on her device, but she was told that her phone can’t do that.

Check out Samsung’s ad below: