New Super Marios Brothers Game Does Not Have Online Play

Posted Jun 4, 2009

Nintendo announced the New Super Mario Brothers game at the E3 conference earlier this week.  One of the features that Super Mario Brothers does not have is online game play.  The New Super Mario Brothers game is four players though.  The four players include Mario, Luigi, and two Toad characters.

The New Super Mario Brothers game has coins and pipes.  The new game can be single player or up to four players.  Players can carry each other and bonus points can be earned.  The reason why the New Super Mario game does not support online game play because it uses too much processing power.

Personally I don’t have a Nintendo Wii so I could really care less whether Mario has this feature, but there are about 50 million others that do have Wiis so I’m sure they are not happy.  “I graduated college. I don’t live in a dorm anymore. It’s a lot more difficult to get my buddies together to game now that we all live scattered off in different directions. This is why we need online play with voice chat,” wrote Digg user foofightrs777.