New Version Of Digg Starts To Roll Out

Posted Aug 25, 2010

A new version of Digg is being rolled out today. Digg users can connect their accounts to their Google, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. You can also import RSS feeds to have your new blog posts automatically submitted to Digg.

Digg’s new version has other useful and new features. Another useful feature is one-click link submissions. If you click “Submit a Link” and click Digg It, then all of the other information will be automatically grabbed. There are two tabs at the top of the new Digg: My News and Top News. The My News tab shows what your friends across your social networks are digging. The Top News tab is the Digg homepage that we have known and loved for the last few years.

The new Digg version was expected to launch last year. But there were some major changes at the company ever since then. The company created a web toolbar, which did not win much favor from the Digg community. And Jay Adelson stepped down from the CEO position a few months ago.