New Version Of TweetDeck Has Geolocation With Maps, LinkedIn Stream, and List Support

Posted Nov 30, 2009

News feed stream reader company TweetDeck has unleashed a new version dubbed 0.32.0 of their desktop application that has four new features. The four new features are geolocation support with a map, LinkedIn stream, retweet Twitter style and list support.

LinkedIn joins Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook in having status support from TweetDeck. Now TweetDeck has support for the four major social networks in the U.S. I would not be surprised if Orkut, Bebo, and Hi5 get added in the near future too.

Originally when TweetDeck had a retweet function, it would add “RT” before retweeting what another user was saying. Since Twitter integrated retweets into their own service, it shows an icon instead of the “RT.” The icon is of one arrow pointing up and another arrow pointing down. TweetDeck added the option to retweet with that Twitter style or continue using the “RT.”

Many Twitter users add a geolocation of their tweet. This means that if they are tweeting on a mobile device that is sending out the user’s longitude and latitude, their readers will be able to know where that person is. To pull up a map of geolocated tweets, there is a pin icon that appears next to the tweet message.

Lastly TweetDeck entered support for Twitter lists. TweetDeck already had support for group columns and that option will remain. But going forward, there will be an option to create a Twitter List out of a group column that you set up.