New Windows 7 Commercial Showcases Positive Reviews From Blogs [Video]

Posted Sep 14, 2009

The new operating system by Microsoft Corporation called Windows 7 has been receiving glowing reviews. Apple might have to try extra harder in order to convince consumers that Mac is the way to go when the Windows 7 operating system is released on October 22.

Now the first Windows 7 commercial is public and it features a little girl named Kylie that talks about all the “happy words” on her dad’s computer. These happy words include positive reviews from CNET, Gizmodo, Maximum PC, The Seattle Times, etc.

Kylie made a slideshow using those happy words with kittens and bunnies too. And then she said that “more happy is coming.” I must say that Kylie has good taste in music since she chose the The Final Countdown as the background music.