New Yahoo! Board Starts Monday

Posted Sep 20, 2008

Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has a new Board of Directors which includes Carl Icahn, Frank Biondi, and John Chapple.  This week, the new boad will be meeting for the first time to plan a new outlook for the company.  There will be a board dinner on Monday night and a meeting the next day.  It is currently unknown whether Icahn will show up to the first meeting. 

As you may remember, major Yahoo! shareholder Carl Icahn pushed for a slate of a new Board of Directors for the Internet company after the Microsoft acquisition bid was rejected multiple times.  Icahn, Biondi, and Chapple were added to the Board as part of the settlement to call off the proxy war.  Biondi is former CEO of Viacom Inc. and Chapple is the former CEO of Nextel Partners. 

Several topics of discussion will include a potential merger with AOL, the advertising partnership with Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG), regulatory issues, etc.  Anti-trust regulators are currently reviewing the Yahoo! and Google deal, but Eric Schmidt stated that he is ready to get the ball rolling this October.