New Yahoo! Homepage On The Way [Screenshots]

Posted Sep 18, 2008

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) is working on a new homepage.  The current homepage receives over 100 million U.S. and 314 million global visitors per day.  That’s over 9 billion visits per month.  This is why Yahoo! must be careful when making changes.  Below is a screenshot of the new upcoming homepage:

The dashboard on the left will link to a mail button where users can link to multiple mail accounts in a similar fashion that does now.  More features will be added on the left dashboard as time goes on.  The new homepage will have a featured section that will feature content from Yahoo! Buzz.  The search form will remain at the top with a built-in Search Assist.

On the Yahoo! homepage, certain applications will be previewed to be added to a personalized version of the site.  This gives ambitious developers a reason to create a valuable application around Yahoo!’s various APIs.  Tapan Bhat, SVP of Front Doors, Communities, and Network Services at Yahoo! announced the testing of the new homepage on the Yahoo! Blog.

Below are several other screen shots of the new upcoming homepage: