New York City Mayor Bloomberg Adds Manhattan To Nextdoor Social Network

Posted Jun 15, 2013

New York City Mayor Bloomberg has signed up the city of Manhattan to the neighborhood social network, Nextdoor.  Mayor Bloomberg is hoping that this initiative will help facilitate communications between the New York City government and citizens of the city.

“Partnering with Nextdoor is another step forward in our adoption of strategic technology that better serves New Yorkers,” stated Bloomberg. “Nextdoor gives New York neighbors an easy way to connect and communicate with those who live around them. It also provides the City with a direct line of communication to residents about important and often critical updates.”

Nextdoor launched in 2011 and the idea for the service is to build a social network for your neighborhoods so that you can get to know your neighbors better.  Nextdoor plans to hire 8-11 organizers to integrate Nextdoor into New York City to raise the awareness about the social network around the city.

Nirav Tolia, the CEO of Nextdoor, is hoping that New York citizens will be able to use the service to inform residents of situations taking place throughout the city including power outages and traffic accidents.  New York officials will be able to send out notices to residents with text messages and and start local discussions.

Nextdoor is available in 120 cities across the U.S. including San Jose, California and Austin, Texas.  The city of New York is Nextdoor’s largest partner.