New York Observer Acquires Very Short List

Posted Jun 16, 2009

Charles Kushner is a wealthy real estate mogul that lives in New York. His son and boyfriend of Ivanka Trump Jared bought out The New York Observer for $10 million.  Charles was the subject of controversy when he bought a $1.8 billion office tower and routed $$18 million for himself and $5 million to the New York Observer.

Earlier this week it was announced that The New York Observer acquired Very Short List from InterActiveCorp.  Very Short List is an e-mail list of about 200,000 subscribers of wealthy people.  After the acquisition was made, Kushner wasted no time firing everybody working for Very Short List:

Timeline: We get a bunch of emails Thursday morning. At 10AM, the GM said he might have news (at 6PM, that news would finally be delivered). Someone else said that the deal had already gone through, and that it was finally over. And yet someone else said that we still had assignments for the next week, so it would stretch for another week. And then we heard that the person who was supposed to take over at the NYO had been fired the week before in their bloodbath. So nobody knew anything. Thursday night, the news came through. Our last day was Friday, after SIX WEEKS of being told we were going to be laid off. The worst part: some of us were on the phone with the NYO’s people on Friday, trying to teach them how to do our jobs.

Very Short List wanted to replicate the success that AOL executive Bob Bittman had with Daily Candy and Thrillist.  Video advertisements in Thrillist have a CPM rate as high as $275.

[via Valleywag/BusinessInsider]