New York Times Accidentally Sends Subscriber E-Mail To 8.6 Million People

Posted Dec 28, 2011

?We regret that the error was made, but no one?s security has been compromised,? stated New York Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy. The e-mail that was sent out around 1:15PM said ?Important information regarding your subscription” as the subject line. The company offered a special home delivery rate for subscribers that recently cancelled.

“The email was sent by the NYT,? a spokeswoman said. Should?ve gone to appx 300 people & went to over 8 mil,” wrote Times reporter Amy Chozick at 3:29PM on Twitter.

?It looks as though @nytimes gave Epsilon permission to send emails on its behalf. So this was likely just a mistake,? stated Yuri Victor, the Washington Post user experience director, who traced the e-mail sender to an IP address connected to Epsilon Marketing. ?It was likely meant to go to a specific email group (cancels) and someone checked send to all by accident. Just a guess.?

There you have it folks. If you received that e-mail from The New York Times, most likely it was not intended for you as it was a glitch with the marketing company that the NYT works with.