New York Times Announces New Digital Subscription Plans

Posted Mar 17, 2011

The New York Times Company (NYSE:NYT) is in the top 100 of the most visited websites on the Internet. In an effort to capitalize on that, The NYT announced a new digital subscription plan (also known as a paywall). Starting March 28th, the New York Times will charge $15 per month for those who want to read more than 20 articles per month.

The reason why 20 articles per month will be free is because company executives want to draw revenue from the most loyal readers without driving away traffic from casual visitor. Those who subscribe to the paper for home delivery will have free and unlimited access to all of the digital platforms except the Kindle and Nook e-readers. The packages are:
– $15 per month for website and mobile phone app access.
– $20 for web access and an iPad app
– $35 for all-access plan

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