New YouTube Widget: Horizontal YouTube Video Bars

Posted Oct 18, 2007

One of the outcomes of the use of the Google AJAX Search API (Beta) was a widget that enhances the embedding of YouTube videos on blogs, MySpace profiles, etc.  This new tool allows users to embed a strip of YouTube videos that are related to search expressions and YouTube Channels.  Other options for the types of videos that show up in the video bar includes the ability to select videos within the Most Viewed Videos, Top Rated Videos, and Recently Featured Videos categories.

Below is a screen shot of how a user can customize the channel selections for the video bar:

There are also additional options for customizing the video bar such as controlling the thumbnail size, the player size, and the number of results.  I decided to test out the video bar below.  Below is the outcome (I hope it works, my blogging platform, WordPress is known to struggle with widget codes):