New Zealand Police Use Facebook To Track Down Burglar

Posted Jan 14, 2009

Police in Queenstown, New Zealand took footage from a security-camera of a burglar breaking a safe at a local tavern and posted it on Facebook.  Viewers of the images and movie posted by the police onto Facebook were able to identify the man and rat him out.  He was in cuffs the next day.

The burglar is 21 years old and broke into the pub on Monday.  From there he spent some time trying to break into the safe using an angle grinder.  After he couldn’t get it open, he gave up and left.  Before he left, he looked right at the camera.  The name of the suspect was not released.

The Queenstown police are calling this their first Facebook arrest.  The Queenstown police department established their social media presence about two months ago.  “It’s pretty popular, isn’t it, this site?” stated Constable Sean Drader.

Recently Facebook was used to identify a man that ate at a seafood restaurant in Melbourne and then ran off without paying the $323 bill.  Facebook was also used for the first time to serve a court order based on profile activity last month.