News Corp and Several Others Planning To Block Google Index

Posted Nov 24, 2009

News Corporation and their subsidiaries along with the Denver Post and the Dallas Morning News might be pulling their stories from the Google search engine very soon. Microsoft is rumored to be in talks with News Corporation to partner on a deal that will add the stories into the Bing search engine and news website. The Denver Post, the Dallas Morning News, and The Wall Street Journal would charge for content and remove it from Google News.

Rupert Murdoch was interviewed recently on Sky News and he claimed Google was stealing content from his company. MediaNews Group Inc. CEO William Dean Singleton said that the Denver Post will block Google News when the Denver Post starts charging.

?There?s value in that traffic and I think publishers recognize that value,? stated Google News Head Josh Cohen. ?The reason they?re not opting out is they?re getting something from that relationship.?