News Corporation Hires Jonathan F. Miller To Oversee MySpace

Posted Apr 1, 2009

News Corporation has announced that they have hired former CEO of AOL, Jonathan F. Miller to head the company’s digital media properties. This includes, the social network that News Corp. acquired for $580 million in cash.

This reorganization is taking place at News Corp. President Peter Chernin is stepping down. Miller will also oversee IGN Entertainment, Photobucket, Hulu, and Jamba.

“Our focus moving forward is twofold: to enable our digital businesses to flourish as individual entities and to bolster the digital strategies of our core media properties by treating them as central to, and not separate from, the enterprise,” stated News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch. Miller had previously worked at Nickelodeon International and at NBA Entertainment.

Last summer, it was rumored that Jonathan Miller was the top choice for becoming the next CEO of Yahoo! before they chose Carol Bartz. However due to a non-compete agreement that Miller had with parent company of AOL, Time Warner, he was unable to be selected.

[via NYT]