News Reader Pulse Hits 4 Billion Stories Served

Posted Oct 31, 2012

Pulse is a news reader application that became one of the top 40 paid applications in the spring of 2010.  Pulse has hit over 4 billion stories total and over 10 million stories are read everyday.

“Took 100 days to reach 10 million stories read,” stated Pulse co-founder Akshay Kothari. “Now do over 10 million every day. Tripled in the last year.”  Pulse is a visually appealing news reader available on the iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook, and the web.

When people select their preferred news sources, Pulse grabs the images and the text, then arranges them in readable rows.  Pulse also arranges video channels, local news feeds, and a read-it-later feature.  Over 20 million people opened Pulse and read at least one story.

Pulse launched a monthly analytics report called Pulse Insights for publishers to learn more about what people are reading.  Between 9PM and 11PM, people read Pulse the most.  They also read the most on Wednesdays.  Pulse raised $10 million in venture capital funding and has around 28 employees.

“Not only have Pulse users logged billions of stories, the number of stories read per person, per day, is increasing,” said Pulse in a statement. “These statistics contrast the gloomy outlook we hear so often about the news industry.”