Nexon Acquires Mobile Game Developer Gloops For $478.4 Million

Posted Oct 2, 2012

Nexon is a gaming company that is known for developing titles like MapleStory.  Nexon has acquired Japanese mobile game development company gloops for $468.4 million in cash.  gloops is a leading developer gaming company in the Japanese mobile gaming market known for creating titles like Warriors of Odin and Three Kingdoms Guild Battle.

Gloops creates mobile games for DeNA’s Mobage platform.  Mobage is a social gaming company that is based on Japan and creates free titles for iOS and Android.  Through their partnership with DeNA, gloops is currently expanding internationally and is focusing on North America and Europe.  They will release 5 titles this year and 5 more in 2013.

“Gloops has established itself as one of the premier mobile game developers in the world and a key player in one of our most important growth areas,” stated Nexon president and CEO Seungwoo Choi. “We look forward to leveraging gloops’ outstanding capabilities and scale to expand the Nexon game experience to users on mobile platforms worldwide.”