Next Top Model Judge Charlotte Dawson Suffers From Major Twitter Bullying

Posted Sep 2, 2012

A few days ago Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson was hospitalized for an attempted suicide in Sydney, Australia.  She attempted suicide after many people viciously bullied her on Twitter.  After speaking out against cyber-bullying, she became the victim of an organized campaign of online harassment.

She received hundreds of replies on Twitter like:

  • @MsCharlotteD please put your face into a toaster. #diecharlotte
  • @MsCharlotteD Please do the world a favor go hang yourself.#diecharlotte
  • @MsCharlotteD on behalf of the world would you please go and hang yourself
  • @MsCharlotteD Kill yourself you putrid piece of shit. 9gag never forgives!

Dawson obviously wanted to stop some of the bullying so she used the publicly available information to contact one of the most persistent trolls.  That person turned out to be an employee at Melbourne’s Monash University named Tanya Heti.  Heti wrote a bunch of tweets bashing on Dawson and anyone that defended her.

Heti even went as far as finding out that one of Dawson’s defenders had a fiance that committed suicide.  Heti tweeted at her: “If I was your fiance I’d hang myself too #gohangyourself.”

After Heti made her work contact information available online, Monash suspended her with pay pending an investigation.

Before attempting suicide, Dawson she sent out two tweets saying “Hope this ends the misery..” and “You win x.”  That last tweet included a picture of a hand holding pills around 2:07AM.  An ambulance arrived at her home by 3AM and took her to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

While at the hospital, Dawson was banned from using any form of social media.  After going on 60 Minutes to talk about the abuse she received, other high-profile Australians came forward to talk about their experiences being bullied such as the wife of former prime minister Kevin Rudd, The X Factor judge Guy Sebastian, and Weekend Sunrise presented Samantha Armytage.

Several hours before sending out those tweets, Dawson was attending a Waterford Crystal party with friends in Darlinghurst.  She was happily mingling with guests, but after returning to her nearby apartment, she noticed all the abuse tweets again.

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