Nextdoor Releases An Android App

Posted Aug 21, 2013

Nextdoor is a private social network that focuses on neighborhoods.  Nextdoor has been available on the web and on iOS.  Nextdoor has now launched an Android app.

Nextdoor lets neighbors communicate with each other through a private network.  Neighbors can share information, photos, events, updates, borrow things from each other, etc.

Nextdoor is especially seeing usage in San Francisco where around 97% of the city’s neighborhoods are updated regularly.  Nextdoor launched around 2 years ago.  The company launched this past May.

“Every single day, neighbors rely on Nextdoor to exchange vital information, like neighborhood crime alerts,” stated Nextdoor co-founder and chief executive officer Nirav Tolia.  “With our native Android app, more neighbors can stay closely connected about everything happening in their neighborhood no matter the time or place.”

Using the Nextdoor Android app, you can:
– Send an urgent alert about an emergency evacuation
– Share a photo with neighbors of a lost dog
– Warn neighbors about a street closure
– Communicate about a block party
– Report a lost wallet found on the sidewalk