NFL Coaches Advising Players To Avoid Twitter

Posted Aug 4, 2009

The training camps have opened up at the National Football League and one of the rules spreading around is that if players use Twitter, they will be fined.  For example Green Bay Packers players were told that if they texted or sent out tweets during team meetings or coaching sessions, then they will be fined.  The Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said that Twitter is completely banned for all their players.

?I don?t have an account,? stated Dolphins player Jason Ferguson in an interview with The New York Times. ?I was thinking about getting one until I got the information. O.K., won?t get it now. Can?t do it. I don?t want to get fined, not yet.?

Coaches are worries that sending out tweets could lead to the wrong message around injuries, game plans being made, and other confidential information.  Coach Sparano told his players that tweets would be used by the media and would cause distractions.

Minnesota Vikings QB Bernard Berrian made a joke about his teammate Tarvaris Jackson being injured for the season because of a sprained knee ligament.  That joke spread far and wide.  New York Jets Jay Feely actively uses Twitter, but only sticks to discussing politics instead of football or his career.