NFL Player T.J. Lang Receives 94,000 New Twitter Followers After Packers Lost To Seahawks

Posted Sep 27, 2012

TJ Lang is a football guard for the Green Bay Packers. Lang was pissed about the Packers losing to the Seahawks on Monday after the referees made a bad call so he went on Twitter to talk about it — and those tweets went viral:

First Tweet

Second Tweet

On Wednesday morning the first tweet hit over 68,000+ retweets and 17,000+ favorites. Over 55,000 of those retweets happened in the first 45 minutes after Lang sent it out.  The second tweet hit 95,000+ retweets and 27,000+ favorites.

TJ Lang hit an additional 94,000 followers on Twitter since he shared his opinion on the situation.  Lang had 20,000 Twitter followers as of Monday night’s game and now he has 120,000+.

So what happened in the game that made Lang angry?  The Packers had lost the game against the Seattle Seahawks after a last second Hail Mary pass was thrown to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.  One referee ruled a touchdown and another judged an interception.  After looking at the replays an interception call should have been made, but the pass ended up being called a touchdown.

This caused the NFL to hit a tipping point when working on their labor dispute with the officials’ union.  Under-qualified replacement referees have been brought in to challenge the union.

Thomas John “T.J.” Lang Jr. was born in Ferndale, Michigan, attended Lakeland High School in White Lake, Michigan and then transferred to Brother Rice High School in Birmingham, Michigan.  He played college football at Eastern Michigan University.  TJ Lang was drafted by the Packers in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL Draft.